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Katarina - WelcomeMy name is Katarina and I am here to help!

There’s nothing worse in life that having the feeling of hopelessly wishing that your life were a tad bit happier, more fulfilling, or wishing to be living an entirely different life. There are actually plenty of women who need help – women who need help breaking free from painful, negative emotions that leave them feeling down and lost. My goal is to help them rebuild themselves into a life without fear, stress, anxiety, and pain.

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You have just taken the first step in the journey to an entirely different, more fulfilled, and emotionally healthy life. I can help you discover how to heal your mind and body, right down to your very core. Together, we will dig deep into your personality and history and uncover those previously unknown, uncharted regions of your mind and body where the very things that keep holding you back, hide.

We will reveal the very cause of these often painful, negative emotions that take hold of your life, ruining relationships, causing emotional scars upon yourself and others, and learn how to free ourselves from the bonds of emotional stress and live happier, fulfilling lives.

Together, we will learn how these emotions and perceptions that we currently experience are passed on from one generation to another. What you feel and experience today are most likely caused by what your grandmother or great-grandmother have experienced in the past, and have passed on to your mother, down to you. You in turn can potentially pass on negative emotions and perception to your children and their children. These facts are backed by years of research in a science called Epigenetics.

CREATRIX®, Especially Created for Women

The Creatrix® breakthrough method is a tried and tested process that is especially designed for women. A woman’s mind is a complex and very delicate instrument capable of love, care, compassion, and empathy – but it also is vulnerable and prone to fear, anxiety, pain, stress, and feelings of low self-worth. Creatrix® will set you free from all these and heal you down to your very core!

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Contact me today and let’s set a one on one session so we can start the journey into an informative, enlightening, fun, and most importantly, effective breakthrough process that will leave you happy, empowered, and confident to face all the challenges that life throws at you!