1-on-1 Private Sessions

1on1To have a full breakthrough experience, we dig deep and pull up as many negative emotions and limiting beliefs we can find. You may have 10, or you may have 50 … through discussing where you are in life and where you want to be, you may be amazed at how many things are holding you back!

You are given pre-assessment forms and tasks to complete so I can understand what emotional weight you are carrying. It’s really important to fill these out and return prior to our first session as it allows me to create personalized sessions to suit your particular needs.

I conduct anywhere from 4 – 10 breakthrough sessions (depending on how many you need). Yes! This process does not take months or years to create HUGE shifts!!

We may pull up only 1 negative emotion at a time, or up to 7 at a time. Whatever we do, it will leave you feeling fantastic with new found knowledge that YOU needed to hear from within you! We just rip them out like a weed in the garden. Each session is approximately 2.5 hours. We just dig and dig and dig until there is nothing left – no limiting beliefs – no negative emotions – no preconceived assumptions – nothing that is holding you back! You get to your “core” the “pure” you.

The final session you are equipped with techniques to keep you “clean” and to help you move forward in life now that you have raise your level of consciousness. You are now equipped with all the learnings you need to deal with any situation life throws at you!

I also offer a complimentary session after your full break through to see how your life has changed, to remove a suppressed emotion that has surfaced or to assist you in forward pacing your goals.


This is an INVESTMENT in YOURSELF and we are working towards RESULTS.

If you do not get the result, you are covered by our Money Back guarantee!

Get off that merry-go-round and change your life today!

I’m only a phone call away! Phone 0410 648 320

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