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Half Day Event – Emotional Breakthrough Experience!

May 27, 2016 @ 9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Feel the POWER of Creatrix! For women who really want to feel EMPOWERED and ready to remove the negative from a deep, DEEP level.

I will be using Creatrix to change your epigenetic pattern relating to GUILT.

freedom2If you feel guilty because you think you could be a better mother, or guilty for treating yourself to food or gifts, you feel guilty around people and you don’t know why … then you HAVE to come to this 1-Day Emotional Breakthrough event and release it!! Its not serving you!

I want you to feel the amazing power of the Creatrix process – its unlike anything you have done before and it will change the way you feel about negative emotions!

Why Guilt?

As mums, we carry so much guilt trying to be perfect, and if things don’t go as planned then we blame ourselves. However, sometimes women do not realise how much guilt they actually carry because they have so much other stuff going on in their lives (like hurt, not feeling good enough, powerless, frustrated etc).

How will you ever know what life feels like without guilt – if you’ve never experienced not having it all day, every day?

Have you ever said any of these phrases to yourself?

  • Where did I go wrong? What did I do to deserve this?
  • If only I didn’t do xyz then maybe things would be different
  • If only I did xyz then things would be better
  • Maybe if I didn’t have or do xyz during my pregnancy…
  • I don’t deserve xyz because …
  • I’m a bad person because I shouldn’t be thinking those thoughts …
  • I hate being around (person) because they always make me feel guilty.
  • How can I put myself first when I always have to work around others?

I have found releasing guilt is a great introduction to Creatrix. We all have it, but to some women, they do not realise how empowered they will feel to not carry it anymore!

So how does Creatrix work in a group environment?

Groups are kept small with a maximum of 5 women. The morning will begin with an introduction to Creatrix and a short workshop explaining how the power behind it changes your epigenetic patterning. You will also learn about the way the mind works and how the cycle you are caught in keeps you “stuck”.

We do not talk about your problems or what GUILT means to you … the emotion is an individual feeling for each of us. This is not a counseling session nor is it a support group. Everyone has their own guilt and when you dump your negative emotions on each other, it brings the energy of the room down. It does not help anyone.

I am here to empower you and to help you release this emotion! As long as everyone who attends has guilt, and they are 100% ready to let it go because they had enough, then you can be sure it will be gone from each woman who attends this event.

After we learn about the process, we are ready to let it go.

Creatrix takes your mind to the exact position it needs to be, and holds it there, so you can get the learnings you need to release that block. The first time you experience Creatrix, it usually takes the longest as you are experiencing something you have never done before. But don’t worry, if you choose to upgrade to a one on one breakthrough or join one of our retreats, then each emotion you release thereafter will become easier.

If you feel a 10/10 emotion, this will be reduced to 0/10. You will never be able to feel the same about that emotion again. Of course, you will be able to recognise it, and yes if a “trigger” comes up you may feel it again – but it will never be at that strong intensity again.

Also, there will be “no charge” anymore. The feeling of guilt will not play on your mind because you received the learnings you needed for it not to affect you. You will easily be able to move your situation forward and it will not stop you like it has in the past.

I look forward to showing you the power of Creatrix!

Book now to avoid disappointment – spaces are strictly limited


CreatrixThis is your first step to freedom and we look forward to seeing you there!


May 27, 2016
9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Unnamed Venue
Gold Coast,


Katarina Yzel