Breakthrough Packages


The Process:

There are three different ways to experience Creatrix®:

No other soul can fix your soul. The reason is because I don’t know the full story of where you’ve been and why you do what you do or choose the choices you’ve made in life. Only you (your unconscious) knows that.

I could ask my clients their life history, but clients only tell what they want to share about themselves. They don’t always tell their deepest, darkest secrets or thoughts because it may be too painful or shameful to admit.

I facilitate a unique process so your soul discovers it’s own learnings, it discovers what it needs to unravel itself. And, the great thing is, you do not have to re-live the negative experience by talking about it! Neither do I! Yes you can go through a complete breakthrough without even sharing what caused the trauma!

This is not a support group or a counseling session. I just remove the ‘crap’ holding you back!! It’s that easy!

Using Creatrix® and the science of Epigenetics, we help you:

ReLEASE the Negative Talk
ReLEARN how to live without it
ReCODE your genetic conditioning
ReFRAME your world through clear eyes
ReCREATE your life!

After the Creatrix® sessions, you will see life in a whole new light! Without those filters & bad experiences you were told to have (or believe). You actually get to trust your intuition and rely on your gut instinct! This new gut instinct breaks you from the cycle you once were stuck in!

Why carry a negative thought, emotion or belief? Just remember you are in control of your life!

I am so confident in the breakthrough experience, I offer a full Money Back Guarantee.  I make no medical claims and I don’t give any medical advise. I do not work on psychotic or mental illness. Just women who want to break free from all their dramas and baggage and create an amazing life for themselves!

We look forward to seeing you take that first step with us on the path to empowerment.


The one-on-one sessions can be done in person (I am based on the Gold Coast) or via Skype or phone – from anywhere in the world!.

All our events are located on the Gold Coast Hinterland or nearby.



REMEMBER: You are investing in YOURSELF, improving your life and we are working on RESULTS. I will be there every step of the way to ensure that happens – or I will gladly refund your money!

Payment Plan?

All our events and break through sessions must be paid in full in advance, however we realize some clients may prefer to make multiple smaller payments rather than one lump sum.  That’s fine.  Just contact me by email to make this request.

Private Group Sessions:

Yes! If you have a group of women who would like a break through, we can customise a package for you anywhere in the world! We love to travel and can come to you! To make a request, Click here to advise us of your interest