The Process

What is Creatrix®?

sad womanDo you feel unhappy? Do you find yourself bombarded with negative thoughts and feelings? Do you feel like your goals and aspirations remain unreachable? Are you feeling guilt, fear, anger, or self-doubt? Do you think that all your life, you have been making the wrong choices every step of the way? If you have tried NLP, Tapping, Timeline Therapy, getting counseling or have tried Psychology, and still not feel like you’re getting results, the reason for that is because these treatments are based on studies made on the male mind. You need help that is specifically designed to work on the female brain, what you need is Creatrix®. There is nothing in the world like it! And I guarantee it will work!

The Creatrix® Female Healing and Breakthrough Process qauickly frees you from the burdens that prevent you from feeling complete, brave, special and precious to your very core – down to a genetic level (your DNA).

happy womanGet started on the path to emotional enlightenment and freedom! Let’s set up a personal, one on one session and I will help you unblock the obstacles that are holding you back. In this introductory session, I will teach you how to attain spiritual empowerment and help you break free from the pattern of emotional sabotage that keeps you feeling down and burdened. You will be enlightened and make realizations yourself. Nobody will dictate to you what to think or believe – you yourself will learn it by yourself, I will just help guide you along the way.

Creatrix® is a revolutionary discovery that has been specially developed to work with the way that WOMEN think. Everyone can do it! It’s easy, fun, effective and works in an instant!

The minds of men and women work differently, just like how one kitchen tool can be different from another (think of a toaster and a microwave oven). Creatrix® was made especially for the female mind and works because the solutions provided are custom made for women.

Free yourself from negativity that ruins your outlook on life. Through spiritual empowerment, we will cure the negativity so that you no longer need to feel this way.

Through Creatrix®, you can live your life the way you want, and we will help you every step of the way. We will take care of the problems that you may have been born with (problems that are inherent in your genes, like a problem that your mother or grandmother had in the past), or problems that you are experiencing with your life of through your children. More than just physical traits, behaviors, personalities, predisposition to emotional imbalances can be inherited from your predecessors as far back as several generations.

So the burning question is: “How do we free ourselves from the emotional stress of feeling insecure and worthless in a fast, simple, and painless way; so that we can all get on with our lives happy and fulfilled?” Creatrix® was especially developed as an intervention tool to help you break free from the endless pattern of self-doubt and anxiety that may have been afflicting you and many other women in the world.

happy woman and familyCreatrix® will change the way you look at the world around you. Showing you, your friends and family, and your environment in a different light. You will view life in a more open-minded, optimistic, and compassionate way possible. Once you have achieved this, you can then start rebuilding your life as you see fit. You can start once again with a clean slate, ready to move on ahead unburdened by past fears, self-doubt, and emotional baggage. Creatrix® will equip you with various techniques that will help you stay emotionally clean and prevent any possible relapses.

Our goal is to first release you from the burdens of a lifetime of emotional distress, fear, and self-deprecation – and once we have gotten all of that heavy baggage off of you, then we can start developing the necessary skills to free you and set you on your path to emotional wellness.

We all must realize that, no matter how many self-help books we read, and no matter how many workshops and gatherings we join, we all won’t be able to cure ourselves if somewhere deep inside, down to our very core, our genetic predisposition keeps resisting. Creatrix® works at your very core, your unconscious mind that works on its own, independently controlling you with even you realizing it. Although Creatrix® works with your unconscious, it is not hypnotism. Are you ready to realize that you are beautiful, intelligent, awesome, adequate, and accepted? Creatrix® can help you achieve your goals!

Creatrix® will change the way you think – from negative and impairing thoughts to a more peaceful, elevating, and optimistic way of thinking. This can be very helpful when we try to work on living a better life, nurturing a relationship, or when facing a dilemma. Ultimately, you will find peace of mind when presented with these life lessons and realize what is actually true and undeniable. Creatrix® helps you let go of negative emotions and restricting thoughts that can disable women and restrict their development, which in turn, prevents them from reaching their aspirations and realizing their full potential.

Researchers have discovered that we not only inherit our ancestors’ physical traits and appearances, but they also left us with the way that we perceive our world around us. In other words, we can actually inherit the fears and attitudes from our mothers and grandmothers. Studies have been conducted and have traced this pattern to be evident up to four generations back, but it is suspected to have been occurring even further back.

These thoughts and perceptions are manifesting themselves on our current generation even if we ourselves have not been subjected to the same experiences that our ancestors may have gone through. It would be probable that the oppression and negativity that our female ancestors have experience in the past centuries have been encoded into the genes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Creatrix® works by recoding your genetic conditioning so that you will be more capable to see your world for yourself, unburdened by negative, and ruining thoughts and emotions. Throughout history we have been severed from our own capability to produce our own ideas, our aspirations, dreams, and successes and live our own lives. Through the Creatrix® program, we can now leave behind the emotional baggage and thoughts of us women being the “weaker” sex.

My Personal Breakthrough program brings together Creatrix® and the science of Epigenetics to help you:

  • ReLEASE the Negative Talk
  • ReLEARN how to live without it
  • ReCODE your genetic conditioning
  • ReFRAME your world through clear eyes
  • ReCREATE your life!

When the moment comes that we have achieved freedom, then we can start to see our world with a clear vision, clear heart and clear mind. At this stage we would usually start realizing that we have now started to “understand how life works”. We will realize that our emotional burdens are now lifted from us and life begins to flow smoothly, much more meaningful and colorful, even though the actual circumstances of your life has not even changed yet. We enjoy seeing someone who was once struggling with money suddenly stop worrying and start working with a clear mind to plan, strategize, and work on a solution rather than feeling helpless and frozen with fear.

We women, by nature, have a predisposition to help and support one another and Creatrix® is a method that can help us relieve the emotional stress of our fellow women and help ourselves at the same time.

The lessons you learned can be shared to other women and by working together, we can start a revolution and fight the oppression and emotional burden of women all over. We hope that you will take that first step with us on the path to empower all women.